To be in Paris with Bari (and her american accent) was absolutely fabulous! I enjoyed every minute of it.
I’m sure you know the feeling, when you meet someone, and you know it from your gut you are the same kind. Well, I did not had that with Bari. It took me several month to realize this. (mind you, we didn’t really had the chance to spend much time together given the circumstances) Last summer in our famous Tolkien camp, when she hold the arti-farti group, I knew we are the same kind. But I needed few days in Paris with her to realize how much we have in common.

After a long lead in, I tell you a secret. I don’t really have too many people in my life I can spend much time with. Most people are boring or after an hour they are simply annoying 😀 (yes, they are. if you have doubts, you are, too :P)

Finding someone who is exciting, intelligent, and be able to spend time with them (more than 1,5 hours – more like days) without feeling annoyed, frustrated, bored, it is mainly a miracle to me. Yes, miracles does happen every now and then.

And of course Paris. It was my second time in the city, so I decided to make it a holiday instead of rushing from one site to another, just enjoy the city, the sun, the walks, the company. And we did. It was crazy, happy, bubbly, and soooo deeply good.

Thank you, Bari!
Thank you Jean-Luc for having me at your lovely house!

(p.s do not comment on my English, I know it’s not good enough :P)


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Always up for a laugh and trying new things. New experiences and fun are high on my agenda. I love to travel to foreign parts, just being alone, chill out. Life should be about the present not dwelling on the past or make to much plan about the future, 'cause things always change and anything could happen.
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  1. Kriszta/Nati szerint:

    Úgy örülök, hogy jól érezted magad!!! (magatokat) És bocsi a rengeteg annoying fb-kommentért, csak annyira szerettem volna ott lenni veletek 🙂 ❤

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